Happy Five Years

Five years.
It wasn’t easy. We nearly called it quits our first year. I’m so glad we stayed. I’m so glad it’s you.

— J.S.

5 thoughts on “Happy Five Years

  1. Congratulations to both of you for sticking it out. You both worked extremely hard at this and it is paying off. Happy anniversary to both of you. May you both continue to grow into one!



    Open the gates of love abundant on both of these young people who 5 years later are still united. Lord, bless the labors of their hard work. Lord, I was recently reading one of J.S. early posts about how he learned that his time becomes their time and God thank you for the lesson and Lord continue to bring life to these two. Lord, let them know that Your plan for both of them is deeper than anything else.. Lord continue to shine on both of them. Thank you for their courage, and the love they share for you and each other. Lord I ask that you bring them even deeper in you. I pray this in the name of Yeshua Jesus Christ. I pray this in Jesus mighty name amen

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  2. Congratulations! Great pictures. My mother-in-law told me: When love dies, commitment takes over and love returns again. I’ve been married well… many years. I have thought of her advice often.

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  3. While I am only another blogger somewhere in the foggy mists of somewhere, I have followed you for years, and feel I can say Be Blest. Our 42 years of marriage simply prove when we serve our Saviour our flaws can be redeemed and love can win out. It is not how bumpy the road gets, but where the road is taking us that can transform our humanness into, well, God only knows.

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