Why Do You Love Your Wife?

Anonymous asked a question:

What are the top 3 things you love about your wife ?

There are a ton of things I love about my wife. Even if she didn’t have the following “traits,” I would still love her. These are not necessarily a top three, but an “at least three.”

1) My wife is super enthusiastic. If we’re going out for a dinner date, she will do a very loud excited dance. If we’re at a hockey or baseball game, she’ll cheer wildly for our team. When she’s cooking or shopping or walking our dog, she is always, always excited. I tend to be a little reserved and weird about showing such uninhibited joy. She has no reservation about it. She allows her excitement to overflow as much as she wants, even if it’s “embarrassing.”

2) She is sweet and compassionate with zero agenda. My wife is a nurse practitioner and does wound-care from home to home. She gets paid per patient (not per hour). Most of the visits should only take 15 minutes. She will stay at a patient’s home and talk with them if they need to talk. She goes out of her way to make sure her patients (and our friends and family) are taken care of and comfortable.

3) She can “see” very quickly. What I mean is, she is highly observant and can understand the things that are going right and wrong in any sort of event or project or group dynamic. There are a lot of times she’s offered gentle suggestions that would improve my writing or speaking or my approach with people. Marriage, after all, is not just a fun-filled ride where we keep it light all the time, but is about helping each other to be our best selves, especially in difficult conversations.

Bonus: She is highly organized. She ha a To-Do List every single day. She writes down all the important things that happened to her (and me) in her calendar. She schedules our stuff weeks or months in advance. She keeps a schedule of bills on our refrigerator. Sometimes this is a little overwhelming, but she’s very good at living a disciplined and orderly life. It makes life much, much easier.

— J.S.

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