Turning Point.

Most testimonies have a turning point: “And then I met ___” or “Someone reached out” or “I got this text at the perfect time.” It seems random, but those people and encounters and messages of encouragement happened on purpose. Someone made a choice to reach out, get involved, get near another person’s heartache, and help them for one more step. It was enough to get them moving again. Maybe it was no big deal for the person who reached out. But to the person they helped, it meant everything. It was the turning point. It was the beginning of seeing new light, of finding a new dream, the start of healing. A little bit of your time and wisdom might turn someone’s life around. I’m thankful to those who pressed in and breathed life.

One thought on “Turning Point.

  1. You did precisely that in my life, mr J.S. Park. You wrote a couple posts about the Holy Spirit, on neglecting Him and how we avoid talking about Him and instead view him as just a force, not a person, and how that makes Him less than a human, and subconsciously we walk around the whole subject, and keep Holy Spirit at arm’s length. You also recommended a few books, like Francis Chan’s book on the Spirit.

    I came upon those posts, much later, and suddenly I realised that the guy thinking like that was me. I was like “but.. but… am I doing this to you? But I do believe in you, so why am I degrading you to a fire or a tsunami? Please forgive me!”, because of course, at the very least, He must be just as much as person as any human. And if I can trust Jesus, then of course I can trust Holy Spirit. So I said “please come, You are _so_ welcome. I never want to shut You out again. I never want to grieve You again.”

    My life hasn’t been the same since. So yes, sometimes those five minutes, or that extra, seemingly redundant post, can change everything, in just a second. God bless you and keep you and… hug you, brother J.S. I know He loves you – so much.

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