Faith That Burns Slow.

I imagine that when Moses split the Red Sea, there were two groups of people.
The first group was composed of victorious triumphant warriors saying, “In your face, Egyptians! This is our God!” They were pumping their fists and thrusting their spears.

The second group was composed of doubtful, panicking screamers running full speed through whales and plankton.

I’m a Screamer. I’m a cynic. I’m a critic.

I’m a Peter, who can make a good start off the boat, but falls in the water when my eyes wander.

I’m not endorsing a halfway lukewarm faith. I believe God wants us to have a robust, vibrant, thriving relationship with Him. But as for me, I’ll be limping to the finish-line.

I’m more of a Thomas than a Paul. I’m more Martha than Mary. I’m more David than Daniel.

Yet the Warriors and Screamers all made it through.

It’s not easy to have faith the size of a mustard seed. But Jesus promised that this would be enough to move mountains, and I’m learning to be okay with that.

— J.S.

3 thoughts on “Faith That Burns Slow.

  1. JS, the great thing about Peter, Thomas, and Moses, David and Martha every one of these people are HERO’S in the Bible. You are a hero as well JS! I pray that as God reveals to you in your daily walk that you are a Hero to those whom you bring hope to. You shine at your job yeah its a tough one but God uses you so vibrantly there and you give hope to those who may not see the light of day today or tomorrow. Jesus is our hope and He only requires a mustard seed of faith and the acknowledgement that while you believe that you need help with your unbelief. God is so good JS and I am praying for you! We are brother and sister in the Lord and God wants us to cry out to each other and Him when we are hurting. He loves you so much!

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  2. “I’m more Martha than Mary.”

    Martha did show up at Lazarus’ tomb and processed it with Jesus. She was aware of the resurrection and if only Christ would have been here, this wouldn’t of happened. Martha was willing to stand in the fire and reason it out. Mary was all faith and not much reasoning. They are just different. Us apologetic, chaplainy types are just a little different. Keep leaning in, either from the back of the room, or the foot of the cross. Good stuff J.S.

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