“This Is The Ugly Truth About Jealousy And Friendships”

Hey friends, I was published on Thought Catalog! It’s a post called “This Is The Ugly Truth About Jealousy And Friendships”. It’s based on my post here.

Here’s an excerpt:

Jealousy can cut short the empowering work of friendship and all the joy and vision it brings forth. I have two choices: I’m either your cheerleader or the loop of condemnation in your head. And I know which one I prefer to be around.

Read the rest here. Be blessed, friends!


One thought on ““This Is The Ugly Truth About Jealousy And Friendships”

  1. I read your blog on jealousy. Jealousy is truly insidious and people do horrific things because of it. I have recently had to walk away from “friends” whose jealousy made them behave evilly toward me.

    I have had my own jealousies, and I have admitted the feelings and worked through them so that their power became less and I was more able to act with compassion and empathy, rather than venom and poison. But some people feed off of their own jealousies, and instead of coming to terms with it, it takes them over and destroys the relationships.


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