Why Do We Need the Cross and Resurrection?

Why did Jesus have to die? What does the Resurrection do? Why did Jesus punch death in the face?
The story of those three fateful days in three minutes. And why the Resurrection is just as important as the Cross.

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Happy Resurrection Weekend and love y’all!
— J.S.

[Thank you to Steven Hause of pudgyproductions]

3 thoughts on “Why Do We Need the Cross and Resurrection?

  1. I’ve found the story of Jesus has been distorted through the centuries to mean something other than we are one with God because of the soul. Born pure of a virgin, miraculous, rejected and buried yet still lives is a perfect description. The soul is the cornerstone the builders rejected. It is the source of our self-worth. Without it, humanity is lost and our personalities are forever trying to compensate for lack of self-esteem through belief in the traditional interpretation of Jesus, through relationships, careers, etc. There is no replacement. No one goes to the Father except through me points to the soul as the one and only way to experience God. The soul is timelessness. Peace.

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