Spoken Word: Friday / Saturday / Sunday – Death, Doubt, and Deliverance

Hey friends, this is a Spoken Word performance that I gave with Yale University Students in CT. About the three fateful days from Jesus’s crucifixion to resurrection, told from the viewpoint of a modern day disciple.

To download directly: http://traffic.libsyn.com/thewayeverlasting/JS_Park_-_Fri_Sat_Sun_Spoken_Word_1-21-18.mp3

I’m also on iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/j-s-park-the-way-everlasting-podcast/id395594485?mt=2

Be blessed and much love to you, friends! — J.S.

One thought on “Spoken Word: Friday / Saturday / Sunday – Death, Doubt, and Deliverance

  1. WOW JS WOW!! Thank you God that this young man is set on You as His Alpha and Omega. God may you continue to raise up JS and his bride as well. God, being a chaplain is not an easy job so bless him and fill him as fills others. God, thank you that he shares with us the good and the bad. Please bless him with more than he will know what to deal with. Bless the entire chaplain department and cause them to want to shine for you! I continue to stand amazed how… In Jesus name amen

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