Scars and Heaven.

In Heaven, there will only be one person with scars. You’ll have none because he will have taken yours.

16 thoughts on “Scars and Heaven.

  1. I accept that the language of God is metaphoric (as dreams are). Also, I did something I never did before with this, I posted it to my Facebook page, and when I added the link the whole post appeared; how nice and easy for me. This just tops off seven years of working to heal the wounds inflicted on me in the name of religion. Though I am whole again, this just sings a song that puts it all into a perspective with Jesus on top!


  2. This quote bothers me. I imagine that in heaven our scars may be badges of courage rather something that generates shame. I do not look forward to having no scares only putting them in the a bigger, greater context of what they were meant to be.


  3. My hope is in Jesus accepting me scares and all. I see him bending down and kissing them and telling me how beautiful I am. Now the trick for him will be making me believe it….there in lays the miracle! Think about it would you not be offended if he gave you a perfect “no scare allowed” body instead of accepting and turning your scares into something beautiful.


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