Taking a Break.

Hey dear friends: I’ll be taking a break from social media for a few weeks. I’m working on several projects, as well as re-focusing on priorities in the home and in the community. My inbox will still be open if you’d like to chat.

It’s super-cliché to say this, but social media has definitely been harder to navigate with any kind of sanity and reason. It’s incredibly discouraging and disturbing to see the lack of empathy between strangers online, and I feel I’m at a breaking point with grief at both the news and the reactionary firestorms that follow. I want to be present for my family and for what’s happening in the world without the constant, divisive deluge of “my side versus your side.” It’s wearying. It’s easy to get cynical. It blinds me to those who have stepped away from their devices and are willing to do the groundwork in the dirt.

Of course, I believe we can do both. We can both speak up on social media and do the work at ground zero. We must. I admire those who can raise awareness and passionately bring up injustices with clarity and compassion, at the cost of reputation—but such voices are rare and neglected in favor of sensationalistic fear-mongering. And I’m not sure I can do both. When I begin to speak up online, I become bitter and cynical, and I lose sight of those who are hurting. So if I must choose, for now I choose to step away, to be eye to eye and side by side.

My prayer is that we can be those few voices of empathy and grace, wherever we are. My hope is we can each understand where we are coming from without accusing and presuming why. My hope is to see each other, really. And maybe some of you will join me.

Lastly: Please, please, please don’t fully trust in me or any blogger, pundit, expert, politician, pastor, or “expert” who claims to know the way. I will inevitably let you down. We must think for ourselves. I am just a temporary mound of flesh housing a squishy three lb. brain, and I get it wrong all the time. I trust in God. I trust in Jesus. I trust His work in me. He’s still working on the parts that don’t work. I want to hear Him first.



8 thoughts on “Taking a Break.

  1. Well spoken. I appreciate the humility. None of us gets it right all of the time. We all stumble and fall. If not for God lifting up this stumbling, falling human, I would have quit long ago. Fortunately, He never quits on us. Incredible to be loved in spite of ourselves.

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  2. I’m sorry that your experience on social media is was so hurtful, and I completely understand your decision.
    I wanted to tell you that your tumblr has been a big help to me when I struggled with addiction and guilt, and encouraged me to return to God, again and again, despite my many shortcomings.
    I never commented or anything because I usually lurk on the internet without posting anywhere, but I feel like maybe you need to know now.
    I will be praying for you, that you can be restaured and your forces renewed for all the things God want you to do, be it online or around you.

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  3. Thanks for your honesty and upfront post. I appreciate what you do and trust that you will continue to get the direction you need (from the Lord) and the presence of mind and strength (from God) to do what is right. Your truthful reflection on the frailty of those who lead, post and teach was most refreshing. Many thanks. Stephen

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  4. I agree with the above comment! I’m sad that we are so divided on so many things and that people will say crazy things online that they’d probably never say in person. Hope you have a time of rest and refreshing. I love your posts and your books.


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