Quit Self-Shaming and Move On

I was a college drop-out with a 0.9 GPA who lost a scholarship and took seven years to graduate after going to two community colleges. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, everyone blooms differently. Setbacks are not failures and you are more than yesterday. Own your mistakes, quit the inner-loop of shaming in your head, smile big, move on.

— J.S.

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5 thoughts on “Quit Self-Shaming and Move On

  1. Shame is so nasty because it causes us to think we are defective and worthless. When we adopt God’s thinking about our worth, he loves us, died for us and says we are the apple of his eye, we are able to move out of the rut or shame and self hatred. With God’s help breaking out of thinking our worth is based on how we perform but on his love.

    JS congratulations on not giving up and graduating. Inspirational!


  2. God doesn’t even remember confessed sin which we rehearse until we can hardly breathe. If what happens is just a mistake/life-can-be-tough, why wallow in it unless you think you are perfect? Hey, I thought only God doesn’t make mistakes!


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