Prayer Request, Friends.

Hey friends, I’d like to ask for a quick prayer and encouragement. I’ve been working on a new book about fighting depression, and it’s about halfway done. It was supposed to be done three months ago. It’s been excruciating to get through each page, and it’s a crucially important work (for me, anyway) to share with fellow fighters. At times, I want to give up: it’s painstakingly difficult to finish, not least of all because of revisiting the shadows behind me.

I know this is a tiny problem amidst all that’s happening out there, but please pray I’d have the fortitude to follow through. If it helps just one reader, it’ll have been absolutely worth it. Thank you and love you, friends.

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24 thoughts on “Prayer Request, Friends.

  1. Yo J.S., sparkythejesusfreak here. Depression and you writing a book about depression is in no way, shape, or form a “tiny problem.” The reason it’s been so gut-wrenchingly difficult to finish is primarily because the enemy doesn’t want you to finish. He knows that what God has called you to write is incredibly important. Ergo – fight on brother!!! Do not even think about giving up. If you do, I will sic my in-laws on you (they live in Tampa). They are awesome people and rock-solid believers. They could body-slam you spiritually to get you going again!
    In all seriousness, our battle is not against flesh and blood. We are battling Satan and the rest of the fallen angels. Every good work God has prepared for us to do has a counterweight of crapola from the enemy designed to keep us from doing that good work. It’s life in a fallen world living with the enemy who, although defeated once and for all at the cross by the Lord Jesus Christ, still prowls around like a roaring lion seeking for someone to chomp on/devour. Well, let’s commit together that we are two brothers in Christ who are going to resist him. Satan has NOTHING on alpha males empowered by the Holy Spirit.

    Go Jesus Freaks and yes, I will be praying since the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.


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  2. My prayers are with you. I get into that frame of mind too often and the mountain looms over me. it comes of being the sensitive, artistic type; I understand why so many writers and poets cracked! Sometimes I have to ask in prayer that Jesus will cast the insurmountable mountain into the sea for me. I also fall back on that old wisdom: “Better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.” Can you possibly break the task down into bits— like edit three pages— and conquer the bits?

    Interestingly, Joe Bunting over at The Write Practice expressed just these same feelings in his post yesterday. He once went through a dark valley and tells how he made it out by allowing himself some days for free writing. It was like a mini vacation. If you’re interested, you can read his article here:

    It helps to keep in mind you’re not weird, hopeless, or alone in this. I pray the One who stands beside you will give you a comforting pat on the shoulder. 🙂


    1. Thanks for sharing it, Christine! For me, writing becomes brutal when I experience depression or even just general conflict and stress. And in fact, I’m doing what you said! I’ve broken down the writing into a page at a time. It’s taking forever but once a page is done, it’s done.


      1. It often helps me more to cultivate a sense of acceptance. I pray to God to give me the grace of forbearance. Medicine also helps. Mental illness is an actual illness, so I can’t just “make myself better”.


        1. Yes acceptance is important for a sound mind, I suppose the flip side of that is to develop an attitude whereby others feel we accept them too or at least a sense of contentment with who we are?


  3. Dear J.S.
    I know what you are going though. When I wrote my book The Twilight Tsunami, about children and foster care (and traumatized social workers), I was in agony. I even got sick. A lot of submerged pain seeped into my daily life and I had to keep putting the writing down. Then I got to the point where I wanted to quit, and I did. But J.S., like you, I kept thinking “if this book could help someone, I need to write it.” So I picked up my writing again.

    J.S., try to write it as quickly as you can. Give yourself a reward at the end of each writing episode and go do something you enjoy. Try to imagine depressed people becoming brighter and lighter because of your book.
    When you finish your book, you will feel like a thousand pounds is lifted off your shoulders. You will feel free in a way you never imagined. At the same time, you will have given the world your gift.

    Right now there is a writer getting ready to be interviewed on my blog who is reliving his alcohol addiction in order to help others.There is another writer who wrote about her childhood abuse and is being interviewed now. You are not alone. Stop by if you need support. Also, after your book is done, I will give you a free author spotlight and interview. Oh yes, I sent a prayer out for you. J.S., I know you can get this book done!
    Shelby Londyn-Heath


  4. JS, I pray peace God’s perfect peace over you right now right where you are!

    Father, I ask that you come in Your amazing peace and descend on JS where he is Lord. God, I ask that you will give him courage and strength to stay in the fight. Lord, he will break through and I am so excited that You God will be the reason he breaks through… In the precious name and because of the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ Your Perfect Son who gave His life up so that we could be free from the enemies grip. Amen…

    JS, I am including some declarations that I have to say sometimes. It is important that we as brothers and sisters in Christ help each other.

    I am lovable because of who I am in Christ, not because of what I do.

    I no longer have to struggle or perform to fill the gnawing void that tells me I am nothing without accomplishments, awards or popularity. 

    I do not have to keep up with today’s so-called standards of living to be worthwhile or credible.

     I am not accepted based on my performance or my ability to get someone to like me.

    I can have opinions that differ from others without fear of being disqualified from love because God’s love makes me secure in Him. Therefore, I can risk being me 

    I am free to explore and develop all the uniqueness of my God-given personality without penalty

    I do not have to strive to earn my acceptance because God has made me accepted in the beloved.

    The role of the enemy is to disrupt your progress and take you out of who God is for you and what God wants for you. The key strategy of the enemy is always involving accusation, leading to condemnation, leading to shame. He wants you out of the game. He wants you out of relationship with God so that then if you’re out of relationship with God, you can’t bother the enemy in life. Remember you’re in Christ, which means you have a placement in the Spirit already designed for you and to fit the circumstances that you’re facing

    My life is in God’s hands. He wants the best for me and He knows how to bring that about. He will redeem all the enemy has meant for harm and bring beauty from ashes.

    I will cling to God’s promise that He will turn my mourning to joy. I will keep looking up and trusting Him for my healing.

    I will remember God’s timing is always perfect. He is never in a hurry. He has a good plan for me and there is purpose in the waiting. His ways are not my ways, but He wants only the best for me. I will trust Him and His timing.

    Life is hard, but God said these struggles can’t compare to the joy that is coming. I will trust and believe Him for the things yet unseen.

    I will face this day with confidence because I am more than a conqueror through Christ. He has gone before me and He is with me now.

    My worth does not change, nor is it diminished by what others say about me. My worth is defined by God alone.

    People may let me down, but God never will. He is faithful and if He is for me, it doesn’t matter who is against me.

    I will remember that God is bigger than anything I face. It doesn’t matter what comes against me. He is with me and I will get through this.

    Today I will remember that God is with me, even if I cannot feel Him. I am not alone. He promises to never leave or forsake me. I will believe His promises instead of my feelings.

    Remember that God promises to be near to the broken-hearted. He promises to bind my wounds. This pain will not last forever. He is my comfort and hope. He will see me through to better days.

    I may not be where I want to be, but I will keep pressing on and trusting God, because He is not through with me yet.

    Today, with God’s help, no matter what I face, I will let faith and trust be my first response. instead of worry or fear.

    Today I will not let negative thoughts, negative self-talk or the hurtful words of others consume me. I will think about God and His word instead, so I can have God’s peace.

    Today I will remember that God’s record for getting me through rough days is 100%.   He will see me through today as well.

    You will never gain anyone’s approval by begging for it. When you stand confident in your own worth, respect follows.” ― Mandy Hale

    The Lord IS not was or will be, but IS now.MY shepherd. He knows me by name and cares for me. He will lead, guide, protect and provide for me. I don’t need to be worried or afraid, because He is with me.

    Today I will remember that God is in control. He is still on the throne. Everything that is happening in my life, He has allowed and He is working it all out for good.

    God delivers the needy who cry out, the afflicted who have no one to help, God will deliver me from my fears, God delivers me from my enemies,  God will protect me,  God is a refuge for the oppressed and a stronghold in times of trouble, God will be my strength when I am weak, God will supply all my needs

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  5. I am given no word about what is going on, but I pray that you will be held by the God Who loves and gives peace beyond human understanding. I also pray for those around you, who know better what is happening, that they will be Christ for you day by day, hour by hour.

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  6. We minimize way too much about what our potential is in the hands of GOD, trust me…been doing it most of my walk. GOD bless you with your book and may it help everyone who struggles with such a hidden poison.

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  7. Stay strong and courageous in the LORD. He’s bringing healing to many through you and thus the attacks but the the gates of hell shall not prevail in Jesus Name. I shall be praying for you regularly. The Sun of Righteousness shall arise unto you with healing in His wings. Amen!


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