A Story to Tell.

You still have a story to tell.

Nothing about you is over yet.

Tell it well.

Finish strong.

Don’t look in the rearview too long.

No matter what’s been done or done to you,

you can still be you, truly.

No one else can write your story.

Live it well.


Photo from Image Catalog, CC BY PDM

3 thoughts on “A Story to Tell.

  1. Thanks for sharing these inspiring thoughts!
    Yesterday I was impressed with another thought that coincides with yours. I’m often plagued with regret for past failings — or, as the song says, “Years I spent in vanity and pride”. So the thought came to me, “Sometimes we must simply take up the cross of “wasted years” instead of wrestling with it all the time. Accept the loss of “what could have been” and carry on. Your little poem encourages me to do this.


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