You’re Never Getting This Time Back.

We often waste an incredible amount of time wanting to be somewhere else, someone else. Our head-space gets clogged with compare, contrast, what if, why can’t, I should. But you’re never getting this time back. You can’t borrow tomorrow. Please don’t save the best for last. The best is all of you, here, where you are, brightly lit and painfully now, in this breath you’re leaving. Each second dies as it is born; every hello must say goodbye; all is fading in the collapsing hallway of a fragile hourglass, a grain at a time. You are here. The best is you, now.

Photo by Stefan Lins, CC BY-NC 2.0

4 thoughts on “You’re Never Getting This Time Back.

    1. What a miserable way to face life! Look at the cross, any cross, and you will see that life is the vertical line, crossed by the horizontal line of a simultaneous and always changing present. You are in the intersection of both and, of course, you are always going with that point of intersection. No need to say that nothing lasts. The pointer of seconds shows that constantly! But usually, even ‘genius’ have a pat, a present and a future. About future we may say nothing because it is out of that so dear time of yours called PRESENT! Be happy if you can. I like life just as it is even disliking the way the world around. But this is only something to observe, a curiosity when nothing more comes to my mind. It is not my life.


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