Let’s Have A Conversation.

Let’s have a conversation.

I’m very much okay with disagreement, discussion, debate, questions, challenges, and stretching each other towards new ideas. I’m okay with wrestling in our misunderstandings and our blind spots. I’m fine with a loud voice when it means passion and conviction. I’m open to you teaching me something I never thought of, or to help me think in a new direction, or to correct an obvious error.

This means you want dialogue. I can see you want a conversation when you see the person, not just a problem. Then you’re respecting my willingness to learn. You’re building a bridge towards mine, and even if we disagree in the end, we valued each other’s dignity: not perfectly, but with the open arms of possibility.

I’m not okay with obnoxious arrogance, smarmy diatribes, condescending, one-sided soapboxing, black-and-white pigeonholing, hyper-sensitivity, a persecution complex, yelling “fallacy” or “heresy” or “blasphemy,” dogmatic lecturing, automatic defenses, blanket statements, unequivocal language like “always” and “never,” putting words in my mouth, or assuming I stand for the opposite of some angle I didn’t cover.

This is not passion, but insecurity, projecting, and gaslighting. It’s not conviction, but condemnation. Your goal isn’t a conversation, but winning a conversion. It means you love the sound of your own voice, and there’s only room for one person on that platform. Yet you wouldn’t even listen to someone who talked the same way as you. I will hear you, I will even read your picket sign and your angry blog post, but don’t expect much else.

— J.S.

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11 thoughts on “Let’s Have A Conversation.

  1. I linked this article to one I have worked on for months and finally published. They are two facets of the same diamond of truth, I think.


  2. Well said. It takes an strong person to avoid getting in the trenches. The blog I write is not controversial, but intelligently written. If you could be so kind as to check it out.


  3. This was cool. I just started blogging a few months ago and someone left a really long and passionate, angry response to one of my posts. It was the first negative response ever got! I was a little mad at first, but then realized, this is a good thing. This is why I created the blog right? I decided to thank them and engage them in an intelligent back and forth. I responded with a thoughtful answer to their anger. Well guess what? They never wrote back. I found my answer to that type of person, in that one experience. Stay true to myself, respect my values and remain humble.


  4. I really like this, so much (I am guilty of this) of the time during discussions, debates, disagreements, we do get all butt hurt. The world would be a much better place if we could put aside this hurt and hear people out.

    THank you!


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