Meanwhile, Start.

My friend: I know you might have had a picture of how you wanted your life to be, but some uncontrollable tragedy swept it away. We all have a certain picture of how we want our lives to be, and sometimes it gets ripped from our grip and smashed to pieces. Our dreams can get crushed in an instant, in the most horrible ways, with irreversible results.

We might be living in a life right now that doesn’t feel like it’s ours, you and I. We might be in a different place than we had hoped for. Today could be different than you had imagined and planned a year ago. Your heart will pull for another chance, another door, another world.
We wake up in a daze, wondering how things changed so fast.
We wait, hoping it’ll go back to the way it was.
The three hardest words to live with are often: In the meantime.
Yet — in the meantime is the whole thing.

If you’re waiting for your “real life” to start, after graduation or when you’re married or when you get to the big city, you’ll stay in a holding pattern. The time will pass anyway. The tide doesn’t wait.

So I hope you’ll consider starting in the meanwhile.
When a dream dies, it dies. We can mourn. We can pound our chest. We can bleed. And at some point, we must let go and not linger. You can open your hands to another dream. I hope you find this new dream. I hope you don’t try to revive something that’s dead.

You can get over what’s over, because you’re not over yet.
When the ten count is over: you can count to eleven.

What comes next will not be what you had envisioned. It might be better or it might be worse. I hope you will keep dreaming anyway. I hope you will consider God can do a new thing.

You are free to pursue something new.

J.S. Park

5 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Start.

  1. I love this article, and your advice is stellar!
    I’ve come to learn that the plans I had for my life weren’t the plans that God had for my life as I’ve walked with Him over these last several years. Before Him, I was bitter that my life hadn’t gone as I’d planned. After He became the foundation upon which my life is built upon though, my plans ans ideas changed to be more in alignment with His. I still may not know His complete plan for me but I do know that His plans are always greater than our biggest hopes and dreams for our lives – He loves us that much!
    Praying God’s blessings for you, my friend. 😉 Jodee


    1. Thanks for sharing Jodee! Yes, I’ve been learning when things don’t work out, it doesn’t always mean that something “better” is owed to me, but that there are certainly still choices I can make that matter. Even if that just means to build Him as my foundation, as you said. Great insight from you!

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  2. This is good advise. Sometimes the doors that are shut in our lives are a blessing for us to walk into our true destiny.


  3. You are right on. And sometimes we forget that there is an enemy who will do everything possible, without rest or recess, to destroy the work of God. My ministry to a community was cut short by racism and bureaucratic power-mongering. 7 years later people still phone me for help! And most of the time I can’t. But I still have to get on with something else, which I am, yet at times it is painful to think I’m am not in God’s first choice. Yes, I believe God is powerful, but the world is run by the enemy and the haters who follow the way of destruction. God has overcome the world in me, but the world is still the world, otherwise our ability to choose God would be a farce. God is never a farce, even if it hurts.


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