Why Jesus Wants Even Those Like You and Me

Anonymous wrote:

I’m terrified of sin, and having it and being in it and I’m terrified God won’t want me because of it.

Do you know why Jesus came to that sand-swept stain of a city called Bethlehem?

Do you know why Jesus entered a war-torn world of barbaric people in a time when crucifixion had become a perfected art-form by an imperialistic empire?

Do you know why God took on a human form, as a vulnerable baby in a filthy manger, taking on hunger and thirst and exhaustion and betrayal and persecution and torture and death?

Do you know why Jesus took on a dirty Roman cross?

Do you know why Jesus jumped out of the grave?

Do you know why Jesus sent the Spirit of God to make a home inside you?

Do you know why Jesus said that you will do even greater things than he did?

He did all that for you. For me. Yes, even for people like you and me.

He knew that two-thirds of the world would reject him — and still, he came.

Not because we deserve it. Not because we were worth it.

But because Jesus is love, and he is worthy.

Not because he needs us, but because he wants us.

And somehow, that’s even more unbelievable.

But all we have to do is believe by faith that it’s true.

When it is true in your heart and mind and soul, then the sin that was defeated at the cross will also be defeated in you, because Jesus is so much better, and it’s his beauty that will compel you out of sin towards him.

He’s that good.