Prayers for Recovery

Hey friends, I got into a bad car accident in the rain. I’m a little beaten up and the car is a mess but I’m alive. Please throw me a prayer.

P.S. I wasn’t texting and I don’t have Pokemon Go on my phone. P.P.S. I was going to the bank, and it turns out the ATM was broken anyway. What a twist.

— J.S.

9 thoughts on “Prayers for Recovery

  1. Father, holy is your name. Your love for JS surrounds him. Heal him from the trauma of the accident and heal his body, soul and spirit. Thank you that he is is healed by the stripes of Jesus! Carry him close to your heart. We praise your name for abundant health for JS. Thank you, Lord. Amen!

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  2. Praying that you will have no long lasting effects from your injuries and that God will provide everything you and your family need during this time.


    Come now as Jehovah Rapha and heal my brother of his injuries . Come as Jehovah Jira and meet all his needs during this time as well. Come as El Shaddai and be Almighty, All powerful, and All encompassing to him and his wife. Lord come with excitement to him as he recuperates. Thank you Father for sparing his life and for keeping him safe from some worse things.

    Lord, thank you that as You see the big picture and we only see the little picture but thank you God that you have our backs. Now be with JS and continue to strengthen that which is broken, or weak and return him quickly to health. I ask this because of the blood and bruised body sacrifice of Your Son Jesus Christ. Amen and Amen.


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