Unchanging Heart.

heart of God unchanging changes you JS Park Instagram

The heart of God will never change no matter what you do,
and it’s His unchanging heart that changes you.

6 thoughts on “Unchanging Heart.

      1. Well, Alfred Whitehead came up with the philosophy, John Cobb turned it to theology. It has 2 major ideas: 1. God is still in process, not complete; 2. we can affect how God acts and decides. It is tempting because it makes us important and imagine, influencing God! But we are shaped by God. It is very pervasive, and many denominations fall for it because then they can teach that we can change God’s laws (that aren’t perfect now, though they were) and so do immoral things because it is the modern world. There’s lots more, but I try not to give heresy too much publicity. I have fought it for years very publicly at church conferences.


  1. However, so much of the Bible reflects a changing God. Who gets angry, regrets, loves, forgives, changes his mind etc. – Though I used to resist it with all my might and intellect, something close to process theology is the only thing that makes sense.


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