A Social Experiment: To Know We’re Not Alone.

I’ve recently been asking questions on social media to know we are not alone.

So far, I’ve received over seven-hundred responses from Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress, and email, privately and publicly.

They’ve been enlightening, encouraging, and have created great discussions.

Join the conversation on Facebook or with comments at the bottom:

Please respond however you like, whether visually, metaphorically, or personally.

– How do you act/think/feel when you know someone in the gathering doesn’t like you?

– How do you feel when someone compliments you or praises you or remarks you did well? And why?

– Let’s say an alien landed on earth and found you. The alien asks (by way of translation), “Besides physical sustenance, what is the greatest universal human desire?” How do you answer?

(Asked again here.)

– What is worse: Rejection or Failure? And why?

(Asked again here.)

– What’s the first thing you feel when you walk into a crowded room?

– How do you feel, think, or act when you fail?

– When you feel like you’re losing an argument, what is your go-to response and/or tactic? And why?

– Fill-in-the-blank: I feel insecure when _____ because _____.

– How do you handle the inner loop of self-condemnation? Like when you replay that voice of shame in your head, or that one event again?

7 thoughts on “A Social Experiment: To Know We’re Not Alone.

  1. 1.) Fear. I immediately look for someone I know so the tension goes away. I fear that I will be made fun of for being alone, for having no one with me. I’m afraid it will look like I am unpopular and have no friends. Or I fear that I will have to muster up the courage to talk to people I don’t know, and create a happy persona that isn’t really who I am. I feel shy and awkward with a huge lack of confidence.
    2.) I feel really terrible, almost like the world has ended. I think of how people viewed me in that failure and call myself dumb and stupid, and even think of hurting myself. I try to turn to God and remember that “even if/when I fail, Jesus is still king!” and that is really comforting. But sometimes I also need to hear from my friends that it wasn’t a big deal, because I tend to catastrophize my failures.
    3.) I just accept what the other person is saying usually. I RARELY get into arguments with people, only the people I am very good friends and comfortable with. Usually I just don’t engage in any argument out fear.
    4.) A guy talks to me or when I’m in class, because I feel pressure to be and act a certain way. I feel like I need to either “perfectly” represent Jesus or be a “perfect” student or be a “nice and caring” girl. I want to control how people feel about me, but that never ever fulfills and always leaves me feeling anxious and unconfident.
    5.) I try to write down my thoughts or tell a friend what I am going through. I also go through counseling which helps. Sometimes I need to imagine myself or Jesus (or both) just hugging myself. I have tried writing encouraging letters to myself as well.

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  2. I believe that every society is a social experiment of some kind and that until we acknowledge that we can’t live as full human beings


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