How to Support This Ministry

cobih asked a question:

How can we contribute to your ministry?

Dear friend, thank you so much for asking this question and for even considering how to contribute. I’ve never gotten this question before and I’m absolutely humbled you would ask.

– Please pray for me. Really. Even if it’s just a few seconds. I love the work I do in the hospital, but at times it’s extremely difficult. With my packed schedule, plus self-doubt and sudden bouts of depression and doing my best to be a good husband, it can be overwhelming sometimes.

– If you’d like to help in a tangible way, please consider buying any of my books here, and leaving a review after. I don’t make much off them, but I’m blessed to be a blessing in your journey. The ebook versions work on every device (you can read them almost the instant you buy them) and they’re super-cheap. The paperbacks are priced very low, too.

– Follow me on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram, maybe? (In my best Zoidberg impression possible.) Also on Tumblr, why not?

– Please send an encouraging message once in a while. I’d love to hear from you. I get plenty of hate-mail and harsh comments, and I wish I could say I brush them off, but that’s not always easy. A little kindness is very helpful.

Love you and thank you, dear friend. — J.S.