Top 20 Quotes on my Tumblr of 2015

20) Being a Christian Means and Doesn’t Mean

19) Sometimes Pain Is Just Pain, Not a Lesson

18) I’ve Tried to Turn Away From God So Many Times

17) One of the Worst Things to Do to Someone

16) What Injustice Requires

15) We Don’t Hurry Someone Wearing a Cast

14) When I Doubt God and Doubt Myself

13) When You See Who Jesus Was

12) I Demanded God To Explain Himself

11) I Can’t Love You Less

10) Jesus Loves You, Right Now

9) Eyes To See What God Is Doing

8) The Only Time a Christian Should Be First

7) Two Kinds of Faith: Warriors and Worriers

6) It Might Have Been a Tough Week

5) Your Voice Is Important, Don’t Go Halfway

4) The Heartbreaking Journey of Loving Others

3) I Have Him, But More Importantly …

2) When You Return to God After a Long Time Away

1) You Don’t Owe Anyone an Explanation, But …

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