Before Jesus, After Jesus.

Maybe you’re way further along than you thought you were. Every blip and spurt of righteousness in your life is nothing short of a supernatural God-made miracle, because naturally in our own fleshly skin, we’re incapable of True Good. Before you met Jesus, you didn’t even care about trying to live right or to make a difference or to help people — and if you did care, it was motivated by self-promotion, image maintenance, social standards, and Darwin-esque survival.

But after Jesus, you have the reason of No-Reason, because now you’re lit up by a Person who out of his own initiated love dared to die in your place on the cross and put His Holy Spirit in you to live out your true calling: which is to love him and love others without expecting anything back. You’re re-created with a new heart to care about what God cares about, and the Father is proud even of your stumbles. Any step forward into your purpose is like the birth of a new life: it is momentous, surprising, awesome, and worth celebrating.

— J.S. Park | What The Church Won’t Talk About

Photo by athenagracee

6 thoughts on “Before Jesus, After Jesus.

  1. The love of Jesus gives us worth and purpose beyond ourselves. It transforms forms us with light, life and love that flows out of us to others. It can not be contained and flows and transforms others. Awesome!


  2. Dude! Sometimes it seems I have sooo far to go. But then there are moments where I feel the Lord whisper “You are further along than you think.” It is hard to see it at times, but I am so thankful that I am free from looking for validation from others. Those “others” don’t know really know me that well anyways or understand me. Only God does. Thank you for this post, J.S.!


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