The Jesus That I Need

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The Jesus that I want would probably serve me and my own interests and align with my theological leanings and plans and dreams.

The Jesus that I need would serve the people that I forgot existed, who lived outside my best-laid plans and doctrinal camps, and he would just as quickly subvert my interests to care about others’ interests above my own.

The Jesus that I want would probably listen to my music, look like my race, match my Myers Briggs, and fight for my ideology.

The Jesus that I need would knock me over with exuberant music I never heard, enter my culture without condescending or conforming, would accept and challenge who I am, and transcend the very petty human idea of an ideology.

The Jesus that I want would probably die for people who liked me or were like me or were most likely.

The Jesus that I need died for the people who were nothing like him and he loved them, and even liked them, and he rose to find them. He even rose to find you and me: the least likely, because he’s the love we want, and need.

— J.S.

11 thoughts on “The Jesus That I Need

  1. Neat and Profound .

    love reading your BloG.

    so inspired every single time.

    More youtube video sharing ?

    even if it’s just your random ramblings , we would love to hear !


  2. Thought provoking. We are much too narrow in our idea of who to like, who to love, who to hang out with, who “qualifies” as an acceptable follower of Christ. What’s a Myers Briggs?


    1. Right on, Roni. The Myers Briggs is a type of personality test that measures on four categories, with two opposite spectrums. It can be helpful to figure some things out, but like all such “tests,” is definitely not a catch-all.

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