To Remain Teachable.

I always want to know when I’m wrong. Really. I’m aware I’m never the smartest guy in the room. I want to remain teachable. Being wrong is not the end of the world. I want to be open to a thought I’ve never had, even if it threatens what I’ve always known. Even if we disagree in the end, I want to have considered every possibility before landing on solid ground.

If there’s a better way or some angle I’m not seeing, I’d like to know. If even one percent of what we’re saying can help someone see a little further, it’s worth saying and worth learning. There’s no pride or joy in holding onto an idea just because “we’ve always done it that way.” Some convictions are lifelong and eternal, but there’s so much that is fluid and flexible.

I hope we can give someone else the chance to change their mind, too. No one gets it right every time, and almost never the first time. And I hope we can respect those who remain firm. There’s a difference between rigidness and resolve. One is stubbornness but the other is integrity. One is a wall that must be broken, and the other is a seed that must be nurtured.

— J.S.

10 thoughts on “To Remain Teachable.

  1. Hey JS – i could not agree more. A few years back, while meditating on Romans 12:1-3 my eyes opened to the fact that we are transformed by the renewing of our mind. What was enlightened for me at that time, is that any area in my life that was not Christlike – and there are plenty – needed mind renewal. It meant there were things I was believing that were wrong- perhaps even lies – and until i relearned things, i would never be more Christlike.

    I would like to reblog this over at, if that’s alright with you.



    1. Thanks Ben, please feel free to reblog!

      I think admitting we’re “wrong” feels threatening and weird, because Christians claim to stand on truth. But you brought up a great passage — God does want us to investigate our thoughts down to the bottom and be able to embrace something we never thought before. We believe more lies than we think. Only the light can expose them.


  2. Hi J.S.

    Glad I found your blog. I say it all the time – No one gets it right all the time.

    I admire the attitude of being open to feedback and the desire to always learn. I always say too that I’m an open vessel ready for every learning I can take.

    Great post!

    Will be visiting often. God bless you!



    1. Hey Luna! Thanks for your comments and sharing your insight here, too.
      It’s so tough to be teachable, but so much tougher if we’re not. I can talk a good game about humility, but man is it hard. Thank God for good friends who are willing to put the truth-bomb on me. That’s what a good friend does.
      Appreciate you!


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