How Others See How Christians See Others.

Every once in a while I’ll meet someone with a lot of tattoos or a ton of piercings or who curses a lot, and when they find out I’m a Christian, they suddenly apologize for their demeanor and try to cover up. I always feel terrible and then I have to apologize just as quickly – because I don’t ever want anyone to feel pre-judged around me. But that’s often how Christians are seen. We judge, condescend, categorize, divide, bicker, and moralize. This is the message we give the most, and it really breaks my heart. I wish new people would feel the most comfortable and safe near me, like they did with Jesus. When someone says, “I knew you were a Christian,” I’m always hoping that’s a good thing.

— J.S.

3 thoughts on “How Others See How Christians See Others.

  1. Amen bro. Seems like we’re all treated this way. But it’s out of their respect for our belief and faith. I’ve had the same people come and ask me more about faith afterwards. Maybe they don’t have anyone to go to for questions.


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