No Purpose? No Problem

You don’t have to have it all figured out yet.

Maybe a few hundred years ago, a 12 year old had to bodyslam a bear and turn it into a raincoat while marrying his third cousin in the shelter he made from a cactus, but these are not those days. Don’t let someone guilt you into the “Golden Years.” You are you, this is today, and it’s okay to be searching a little.

There are all kinds of unwarranted pressure in every life stage. Popularity in high school, Grades in college, Career after that, Finding Marriage at the same time, Raising Kids before you can relax, and then learning How To Die With Dignity. You feel trapped by conformity, and that’s expected.

The world throws on you demands, deadlines, and due dates with a million different voices and bloggers and opinions plus pseudo-science facts — so it’s no wonder you’re confused. You barely have one thing figured out before you’re onto the next. You’re dying to get somewhere, and then you’re just dying.

Let’s pump the brakes. Try one thing at a time. If you have to, try everything. Don’t compare yourself to someone who is “further along” or “winning acclaim.” Maybe they are, maybe they’re not: but either way, that doesn’t help you. The guilt of comparison doesn’t magically motivate you to a better place.

God has something for you, and He wants you to do it well, by Him and through Him and for Him, without worrying about the next guy. God made you you. He redeems the time in you when you’re submitting to His Story, so that the restless journey matters as much as the destination. It all matters.

If you think you’re wasting time, find a need. You + a Need = Purpose. While you’re making plans, God has a plan. While you’re waiting for a door to open, there are many open doors in wait. Find one and follow through fearlessly. You don’t have to rush. Just show up.

— J.S.

4 thoughts on “No Purpose? No Problem

  1. Great post! Very thought-provoking and oh-so true. God definitely has a plan for each and every one of us. If we allow ourselves to turn inward and tune in, we’ll discover the plan He has for us. Thanks for sharing!


  2. good read! very encouraging! One of my favorite quotes is: “Noah wasn’t a professional boat builder when he built the arc….”


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