“He’s Gone Liberal.”

Whenever I see a Christian leader begin to do great things in the news and gain traction in their community, I often hear, “He’s gone liberal. She’s straying from Scripture. He’s catering to the mainstream. She’s been going that way for a while now.”

I wonder if these things are said out of real concern or just insecurity. And it sort of grieves me that we can so quickly dismiss our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who actually have their sleeves rolled up. It worries me that we force each other into a microscopic checklist of dogmatic doctrine by weaponizing the Bible into a noose. It’s terrible that we think “serving the community” means we’re somehow going soft on the Bible or compromising some Christian standard – when serving actually means we’re going hard with the Bible and raising the bar.

Maybe no one’s going “soft.” Maybe the more you hear about hurting people, the more you want to get involved in the mess, regardless of beliefs or qualifications. Maybe the more we walk with someone, the less we want to talk at them. Maybe the more we love Jesus, the more we want to step out of our tribal isolated ivory towers and into the real world of fractured, faithless lives. Maybe the older you get, the more you push back against those four walls of the choir. Maybe those political lines and labels are just phantom platforms to bolster our egos, when Jesus came to crush those things, because our neighbor will always be more important.

– J.S.

6 thoughts on ““He’s Gone Liberal.”

  1. The level of wisdom that is NOT among those who name the Name of Jesus. Instead of loving conversation to learn and grow we heap contempt on Children of God by using labels instead of love! People forget, “The first and most important in their own eyes will be the last and least useful to God”. Forgive my paraphrase…


  2. I have come to the point where I think that God has put people in different places, according to their gifts and personality types, for a reason. Do we need, let’s say, Christians working side by side with gay and lesbians at soup kitchens? Yup, we do. Do we need Christians blocking the one-sided-ness of the homosexual agenda? Yup, we do.


    1. It’s not that we are to exclude particular people, we’re all sinners and can be a part of God’s Kingdom, but one can’t say “I’m gay, God made me that way” and have it as a plausible reason as a personality type. God clearly mad men for women and women for men.

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  3. If by ‘great things’ it is something that is encouraged by the Word of God. If it clearly goes against God or His Scripture then given the chance, we should do out best to guide our brethren back to God and what He has commanded us to believe/act.


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