The Mind-Blowing Mystery of the Trinity in Less Than 3 Minutes

How is God three in one? Why does the Christian faith need a Trinitarian God? Does any analogy really work?
An explanation of this unexplainable doctrine in less than three minutes. And a unique way to see the Trinity. I got really excited about this one.

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— J.S.

[Thank you to Steven Hause of pudgyproductions]

14 thoughts on “The Mind-Blowing Mystery of the Trinity in Less Than 3 Minutes

  1. Great thoughts. Greek philosophy had undue influence on the concept of the trinity in the formative years of the Catholic Church. The scriptures clearly delineate three separate figures of Father, Son and Holy Ghost. In any case, your thoughts about their distinct roles are excellent!


  2. this is really good, well spoken, and well described of there roles. I will follow you, I have just set my own Christian web site up, please read my topics, and comment if you would God bless you.


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