What To Do About The Old Testament Law

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2sharksswimming asked a question:

Can you explain to me why we don’t follow all the old testament laws? Thank you 🙂

Hey dear friend, definitely. Please allow me the grace to point you to a few posts here, some of which you can also find in my first book —

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Though the Old Testament Law was entirely fulfilled in Christ for us, the OT Law still stands in principle for us today. Even the weird things about shellfish and fibers shows a very meticulous God who was perfect, even quirky, and shows a God we could’ve never made up.

I want to be careful that I’m not downplaying the Old Testament at all. I often hear preachers who dismiss the OT rather abruptly, and though I understand their intentions, we must recall that Jesus had a huge reverence for the Hebrew Scriptures. The OT Law was much more than a “precursor” to all Jesus did, but revealed the entire perfection of God’s character. It outlines our need for a savior all the more.

— J.S.