5 Ways To Encourage Your Pastor (Because He Needs It Like Everyone Else)

On Sunday evenings after church, when you’re watching the game or taking a huge monster-nap, your pastor is beating himself up for the entire Sunday service. Every mistake in the sermon, each typo in the bulletin, the joke that bombed, that shrill comment in the announcements — he’s replaying that loop in his head while wrapped in a snuggie and chowing down on cheese puffs.

I’m not trying to pull fake pity, but we often show grace for other people in the church for the same mistakes the pastor makes, but pull back such grace for the pastor.

Maybe we can show them a little grace, too.

Certainly there are some pastors who are not qualified. But most of us are trying our hardest, praying constantly, wanting the very best for you while remaining completely loyal to God’s calling. It’s not easy.

Here are five ways you can encourage your pastor.

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