About The Weird Doctrine of the Holy Trinity

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ohhappydave asked a question:

Do you already have a post regarding the triune being of God? I’m discipling someone who really has a lot of questions about God and there are some that I don’t have an answer to yet. A lot, actually. Thanks! 😀

Hey there my friend, this is a hugely difficult question that has challenged scholars for thousands of years, so I’m not sure I’ll be cracking the code on that one. Here is a very short video I did about the Trinity just recently.

The major thing is that God would have to be triune in order to make sense.  While it’s true that biblically you can’t “prove” the Trinity, here are a few things to consider.

– A non-Trinitarian God would not know about community, and therefore not have pre-existing eternal love.

– A Father and Spirit alone could not know what it is to be a human.

– A Father and Son alone would have no creative force to live inside humanity.

– A Spirit and Son alone would not defer to authority.

– You might try to explain the Trinity with ice-water-vapor, or egg-yolk-embryo, or book-paper-binding, or three-in-one-shampoo, but nothing can sufficiently explain the Trinity. It’s the Trinity.

– The Holy Spirit is in a loving Trinity-Community with Jesus the Son and God the Father. One God, three persons.

“Unity and diversity is found in the community of the Trinity.” – Ravi Zacharias.

– Look for elements of the Perfect Trinty-Family in Luke 15, the story of the Prodigal Son.  You’ll see how Jesus is like our older brother, the father is the Father, and their movement of love, like running and the party, are the Spirit.

– Are we allowed to say the Trinity is a “mystery”? I know “mystery” is a dirty word in our Post-Enlightenment culturally-conditioned era to find answers that fit within our three lb. Pavlovian-trained brain. But the Trinity does best describe God.

– I also wouldn’t be surprised if in Heaven, we are no closer to understanding His three-in-oneness.  Because 1) We will be preoccupied with having our faces rocked off by Him, and 2) our questions about pretty much everything will melt away in the presence of an awesome God and the fellowship of the saints.  Trust me, that’s not a cop-out on theology: that’s where our theology should take us.

— J.S.

6 thoughts on “About The Weird Doctrine of the Holy Trinity

    1. Yes, I think when someone says “mystery,” the immediate instinct is for everyone to say, “You’re forfeiting knowledge and learning!” But as always, that’s a false dichotomy (mostly purported by Westernized mainstream), and it’s an even less thoughtful way to approach things. At least for me, to admit mystery actually fuels the process of knowledge and learning. To know that I can’t know everything keeps me seeking.

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  1. I think there is a misunderstanding because the Trinity leaves out the most important piece: the soul. This is the cornerstone the builders rejected. Here is the very thing that guarantees our infinite eternal divinity and makes us one with God yet we pay very little attention to it. It is made of the same substance as God and survives outside of time unlike the Holy Spirit which was not available until after Jesus came. The story of Jesus and the Holy Spirit both point to something much much bigger and better than can be imagined.


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