“Predestined” To Hell? The Deal With Calvinism

elaine-huiru asked a question:

Recently, I’ve been reading up on Calvanism and Arminism. I’m from non-denominational church. (You probably have known which side my church leans to). What really bothers me a lot is the “predestination” component in the Calvanist theology. I really feel grieve because other who are not “predestined”(which may/may not include me) are doomed for eternal hell? And Jesus really only dies for people whom God has predestined to follow Him?

Hey my dear friend, please first allow me the grace to point you to these posts.  Please feel free to skip around or skip them.

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While I still technically maintain that I’m a Reformed Calvinist, I’ve long since stopped self-identifying as one, because most of the Calvinists I met are jerks who care more about theology than Jesus and people.  No theology should ever make us a jerk, or we need to start over.

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