Please Pray For The People of Nigeria

Over 2000 have been massacred. Please pray for the people of Nigeria, whom the media has apparently forgotten entirely.

[Photo from Lecrae ]

— J.S.

12 thoughts on “Please Pray For The People of Nigeria

  1. Thank you Pastor JS. I live in Nigeria and i don’t have enough words to describe what happens in the North-east. I live in Lagos ( South- West) but my family is in the north and things are really hard over there for them and other people. Going to church or even school is at great risk and known Christian communities are targeted.

    We have no idea why our government is more concerned with political campaigns and elections rather than ending this violence but we believe in God. After all, Jesus said: in Matt 5: 11 ,that “God blesses you when people mock you and persecute you and lie about you and say all sorts of evil things against you because you are my followers.”

    Thank you for the prayers and the compassionate thoughts. Thank you for being a blessing through this blog.


  2. It’s sad that the root cause of this problem was not tackled early enough… Drawing from history as a young boy who grew up in northern Nigeria. The problem started long ago. While I was growing up, these gangsters (almajiri or dandoko) now glorified with the name- ‘Boko Haram’ were set of young boys who joyously massacred Christians at will and after the crisis is over, everyone goes back to their business and the government leave those that have lost loved ones to their plight.
    If the religious crisis of those days were strictly condemned and perpetrators of the act were heavily sanctioned and brought to justice, this will not be happening today. Also it is sad to know that the wealthy among them sponsor killings of Christians, today we just have the same issue on a larger and more sophisticated scale. I am convinced God gave us brains for a reason, so that we can think for ourselves and take actions- a stitch in time saves nine!. The northerners should talk to their children (Boko haram) now. While we keep praying!


      1. Thank you so much for offering to help… Unfortunately at the moment i can not categorically tell you a right route on getting your finances across to the right people. But i recently approached Doctors Without Borders in South Africa who can get your financial assistance across appropriately. Their website is
        I think contacting them will also extend your physical help.
        That is also the route we plan to partner with from our blog- reaching out to the world, as time goes on.
        Thank you Park


  3. I will never understand why we forget Africa so quickly. Those missing girls still weigh heavily on my mind. I will continue to lift up in prayer Nigeria.


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