I Don’t Like That One Thing You Said Once: Moving Past Disagreements


A friend told me he left his church because the pastor finally said something he did not agree with.

I asked him what it was.  Something about feminism.  He couldn’t remember too well.

I asked him, “So that’s it then?” 

He said, “Of course.  I mean now I know who this pastor really is.”

There could’ve been a legitimate reason here, but even if not: I understand, because the second I can drop someone, I usually do.  It’s this sick part of me that can’t stand it when someone else thinks differently than I do.

More than ever, we’re an easily offended culture.  We are vocal paper tigers.  The blogosphere has exposed us as absurdly critical creatures, each of us with an impetuously loud voice that makes up for our real personalities.  The shyest kitten becomes a German shepherd on a blog.  I know this because I’m like this.  We know it shouldn’t be this way: but we are just so bad at disagreeing, it’s nearly an artform.

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