The Top 14 Posts of 2014

Here are the Top 14 Most Viral Posts from this blog of 2014, ranging from topics like singleness, homosexuality, racism, quitting porn, Mark Driscoll, and a confession about my brush with a celebrity pastor.

14) Seven Thoughts On Singleness: Is Something Wrong With Me?
Navigating the unfair difficulty of singleness, from the inner-conflict to the pressure to get married.

13) All That Relationship Advice — A Mega-Post on Relationships
Seven questions in a row about “unequally yoked,” first steps in a relationship, if a guy and girl can be friends, and when to share your dark past.

12) What Breaks My Heart Is When You Don’t Hear Mine
A true story of rebuke and all the gut-wrenching agony when you tell the truth to your friend to help them.

11) Today I Wanted To Forget About Jesus and Kick Someone’s Face In
About the time I just about fought a guy over nothing, to my own shame.

10) A Conversation With My Non-Christian Mom About Being A Pastor
Building the pieces of my faith with my non-Christian mom.

9) How Do I Even Hear The Voice of God?
The church-culture’s anxiety over hearing from God all the time.

8) To Love Without Idolizing A Relationship — A Mega-Post on Dating And Very Bad Advice
Five suggestions for pursuing a relationship without getting crushed by over-sized expectations.

7) Why I Stopped Helping Porn Addicts
Why I had to quit enabling porn addicts, and one of the premises for my new book on quitting porn.

6) Not Quite Asian, Not Quite American; Fully Human
I inhabit both worlds of Eastern and Western culture, but I belong to neither.

5) So About Mark Driscoll and Pastor Implosions
This was a rough year for Mark Driscoll, most especially when other Christians ate him alive.

4) Why Christians Hate “Religion” and Why We Yell Pharisee Too Quickly
The words “Pharisee” and “religion” have become worse anathema than “Nazi” in the church-culture.

3) Struggling With Loneliness: How Is God Enough?
A question that I’m continually asked, about dealing with the looming pain of loneliness.

2) Why I Don’t Give Straight Answers About Homosexuality (Because Everyone Starts Yelling)
Trying to stay balanced about an impossibly difficult issue that immediately explodes on the internet.

1) My Most Horrifying Church Experience Ever
My brush with an intoxicating celebrity pastor that ended when I awoke to a 3am phone call full of f-bombs.

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