The Skeptical Christian Limping to the Finish Line

hayleylepugh asked a question:

What do you mean by skeptical Christian in your description? Don’t you have strong faith? (I’m not asking this in a rude way, I’m just genuinely curious.)

Hey my dear friend, I was an atheist for longer than I’ve been a Christian, so my natural default mode is to doubt, a lot.  There are days I think this whole faith thing is crazy and I want to throw the Bible in the trash.  I’m sorry if that’s too candid or honest.  But it’s one of those things in the church we just don’t talk about, and I’m learning I’m not alone.  It’s the entire point of this blog.

When Moses parted the Red Sea, I’m sure there were Israelites saying “In your face you Egyptians!” — but then another group was screaming the entire way through.  Yet they all made it by grace.  I’m one of the screamers.

I’m not endorsing a halfway lukewarm faith.  I believe God wants us to have a robust, vibrant, thriving relationship with Him.  But at least for me, I’ll be limping to the finish-line.  I’m more Peter than Paul.  I’m more Martha than Mary.  I’m more David than Daniel.

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