When I Feel Too Far Gone In My Faith

cashmoneykatelyn asked a question:

Lately I’ve been feeling like God is so far from me. I know he says he’s just a breath away, but it never feels that way. I fear that for the rest of my life I’ll feel like this. I question if I even love God like I thought and that’s why I have problems.

Hey my friend, I’ve said before that the Big Christian Secret is we all run into doubts, frustrations, confusion, and questions.

I believe the church culture has inadvertently made a rock-show environment that induces hype every Sunday, so that each service must top last week until we get exhausted and crash.  Then when those feelings are gone, we assume God is gone, and that maybe we’ve done something wrong.  You haven’t. 

We sometimes falsely pressure ourselves into a mountaintop experience everyday, but every person in the Bible also fell into valleys and deserts, and this is exactly where God does His best work.

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