A Letter To Pastors, Worship Leaders, and Praise Teams

To Pastors and Church Leaders:

Stay humble, stay faithful. You’ll be tempted to look to the big-time platform, the bigger church, the larger crowds, that next big event. I was, too. You’ll look forward to when you’ve “made it” to that elite circle of celebrity pastors. But your people need you there, to be present, in this appointed time, to preach to even one person as if you were in a stadium. Please don’t look to the “awesome version” of how you want things to be. It’s a mirage. And your people will know if you’re looking past them. Your church needs you now, with sleeves rolled up, eye-to-eye and chair-to-chair, to enter in the trenches with your fully embodied presence, like Jesus. Be here, in the dirt, in the mess.

To Worship Leaders and Praise Teams:

Stay encouraged. When people arrive late or goof off or don’t clap or don’t care, you’re still planting sovereign seeds. When practice is rough or no one’s ready or you forgot to print that one song, keep loving your team. When no one else is singing or you blunder that note, worship hard. In the frantic rush of getting it right, point to the King. God is still working. Trust Him. Sing loud. Grace will win.

— J.S.

2 thoughts on “A Letter To Pastors, Worship Leaders, and Praise Teams

  1. Amen, brother! I remember a senior pastor saying he knew I would accomplish big things and it was time to leave the little congregation I served for better things. I was probably rude, but I said I went where God called, not…
    And worship leaders often forget that the mistakes open up others who once thought worship must be letter perfect. The very person who “seems” to ignore what is going on may very well be tomorrow’s evangelist!!


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