Guilt-Trips Vs. Gratitude: One Beats Me Up, The Other Grows Me Up

What’s so crazy is that the Bible wasn’t mass-produced until the last few-hundred years, and even then, it wasn’t translated in an understandable way for us until the last century. Yet we beat ourselves up into a frenzy over memorizing Scripture and doing QT and Bible Studies, when there have been Christians for thousands of years without access to printed copies. Certainly it’s great and necessary to dig into the Bible, but I’m not motivated to read it when someone beats me with a guilt-trip that it’s “collecting dust.” I’m more motivated to read the Bible knowing that I even have access to ancient Scripture at all. To think God preserved it and transmitted it to our language and entrusted it into the hands of crusty squishy people is downright incredible.

If you miss a day of reading, please don’t get on your own case. Simply behold the wonder of having something called God’s Word, and I can guarantee you’ll miss Him enough to start reading again, not as duty but out of gratitude.

— J.S.

2 thoughts on “Guilt-Trips Vs. Gratitude: One Beats Me Up, The Other Grows Me Up

  1. “you’ll miss Him enough to start reading again, not as duty but out of gratitude” So true, pastor. These past few days, I keep on hugging my bible. I am just thankful I have one and that I can read it and that God speaks to me through it. He’s simply awesome. ❤


  2. May I say truer than you think? God speaks through the Bible, but also through creation, friends, (alas, also enemies!), dreams and visions, the voice of Paraclete, Asian pastors who write books ( 🙂 ). That said, I still send money to those who distribute Bibles, send surplus Bibles of my own overseas, or just give one away to someone I meet who wants it. Creator is bigger than any ONE way of messaging. It is not our duty to serve God; it is our pleasure! Last word, I have to confess I like reading Psalm 119.


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