You Make Me Nervous With Your Correct Theology

I get nervous around guys who want to be theologically correct all the time. I know it’s important and I can’t diminish right doctrine, but I’m constantly anxious I’ll say something stupid or wrong around them. I can’t really be sloppy or tip off my weakness.

I say this as a pastor who graduated from maybe the most conservative seminary in the world, who was taught by world-class professors and authors, and I can hang with the best of them.  I just get exhausted of the secret competition to know more Bible than the next guy.  You can quote Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology, that’s cool, I actually read the whole thing, but right now I want to talk about TV shows and my favorite hamburger place and that really dumb thing my dog did the other day.  I want to relax sometimes because Jesus played with kids and drank wine with his buddies and roasted fish for his disciples, and one time he took a nap on a boat while a storm almost flipped them all over. I love theology, but it drives me to love you and to love the King.  That’s the only theology worth having.

— J.S.

8 thoughts on “You Make Me Nervous With Your Correct Theology

  1. LOL, that makes me laugh because I have had a couple of good theological debates with God Himself. I have to tell you, there is nothing dumber then that. The pharisees, even the enemy, know the word very well, and they tried to use it against God. We all do our best to understand and interpret, but we have to be careful not to elevate our own understanding above God Himself.


  2. Oh man J S I had this moment the other day when someone asked if I wanted to join a group of people praying. I did but what I really wanted was just to be alone in a movie theater with the biggest bag of popcorn I could buy and for just a few moments not think about visitation or services or prayer groups or orders of worship. To most people this seems like a denial of the ministry but we are just men who need to tune out every once in a while.


  3. Hey JS. I get this. Totally. Being a pseudo-celeb blogger type, it seems that people are shocked when they find out I am just a regular guy who likes to sit around his house in his 17 year old jogging shorts, with a giant glass of pepsi, a bowl of chips and veg watching saving hope…all the while laughing at the most inappropriate poopy diaper joke…I admit it… I have the same thing just blogging. Almost every time I hit “publish” I think about those guys who are going to message me and say that I was not correct about this thing or that thing…


    1. Even funnier is when I tell people about my favorite TV shows or music or books, like “Wow I thought you lived in a Christian cave and they let you out every Sunday” LOL


  4. Good article and good comments posted before I came along. Those who want to be right, instead of do right, to lord it over others with their “expertise” instead of serving the LORD, well, after I get over the irritation I remind myself they are hiding from love, chaotic, unpredictable compassion that costs everything. How small they make their world…


  5. First thing that popped into my mind was a question.

    Are you absolutely sure it was Rosco who did the dumb thing, or are you living this story vicariously through your dog?

    Love ya bro. 😉 Good to see you recharged and back at it!


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