Can Christians Go Clubbing?

thecirrus asked a question:

As a Christian what should our outlook on going to clubs be? Because i know some people to be really against the idea but i don’t really see the problem if you do not get drunk or take part in anything that is wrong

Hey my friend.  I really do believe this is an issue of Romans 14, in that —

1) We each decide our own personal convictions about our strengths, weaknesses, and preferences, and

2) We each determine how we can be a witness to others through our faith, actions, and choices.

Now for me: I’ve struggled a lot with drinking, chasing girls, running from police, and fighting at parties.  Drinking became so bad that I’m pretty sure I was nearing alcoholism.  So I know my own limits.  I know I can’t trust myself around these situations, so I stay far away.  And as a pastor today, I know that I would be a huge “stumbling block” if anyone ever saw me at certain places.  This is the sacrifice I’ve made to follow Christ, and I’m not only okay with it, but I was all too happy to give it up.

For you, it might be a totally different conviction.

I have some friends who can occasionally go to the club and they’re fine.  The only thing I don’t want is that you would fool yourself into compromise.  I’ve seen the worst that a club can offer.  I’ve seen how quickly it can devolve into a gyrating pig-slop.  I’ve seen shootings inside a club, and one time after an evacuation, there was a drive-by right after.  I’ve seen too many fights and too many flashing lights and too many ladies vomiting to count them all.  And it turned out a ton of my friends during this time were rapists.  I wish I could be more nuanced and gracious than this: but I know firsthand how suddenly awful it can get.

I’ve discovered two things.  1) No one in the club spontaneously gets inspired to do missions in Uganda.  And 2) After about twenty-six years old, it’s just downright creepy to go to the club anymore.  Unless you’re an immortal like Keanu Reeves or Johnny Depp, I just find it hard to take hip-bouncing forty-year olds very seriously.

I’m sorry that I sound like an old-fashioned preacher.  I do want you to experience the fullness of life.  I admit the club can be fun (though I also admit, I wish I could take over half of it back).  I just believe that each time we’re about to make this kind of choice, it’s best to really sit down and think hard about it.  Ask the dreaded why-questions.  The answer might even be different each time, and there will be some days when you dress up and go, and other days when you say no.  I’m not saying you haven’t examined yourself and I promise I’m not trying to be condescending.  It’s your life, your call.  I would just want you to be as thoughtful as possible about it.  Pray, think, and trust God on this one.  I know you’ll make the best choice each time.

— J.S.

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