YouTube: “Be Passionate For Your Friend’s Passion”

– Be Passionate For Your Friend’s Passion –

We’ve all been shot down for being “too excited” about something, whether it’s anime or Lord of the Rings or comic books, or writing and dance and music and art.

But if it’s important to your friend, it’s important to you too.
You don’t have to get it, but you get them. That’s friendship.

And if your friend stays to the end of a Marvel movie to watch the end credits scene: don’t ever let them go. It’s real.

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— J.S.

3 thoughts on “YouTube: “Be Passionate For Your Friend’s Passion”

  1. absolutely loved the message, retweeted it. everyone just wants to be acknowledged, that’s all. a great simple, well put, and funny!!!! thanks for putting it out there for everyone. too many times passion is shot down, and that is unfortunate because passion is the true essence of life finally coming out. great video thanks!! 🙂 mikey


  2. OK, JS, does this hold part of the explanation for lukewarm Christianity that is so pervasive in Western culture? Passion squelching, I mean, not your Youtube 🙂 !


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