What the Church Won’t Talk About

Thank you so much for the wonderful review!

The book is now in paperback for only $8.81 on Amazon!

Resting in His Grace

Imagine confiding from the pew, “I can’t win the battle over my lustful desires,” or “I’ve committed the same stinking sin fifty plus times this week, and right now, I want to go do it again” or even “I’m on every medication known to man for depression… and I’m getting worse.”

JS Park WTCWTABeing already the fan of JS Park’s writing at The Way Everlasting, I was super-excited to hear of his new book, What the Church Won’t Talk About. It did not disappoint. As a matter of fact, I found myself glued to its pages as believer after believer poured forth questions ranging anywhere from issues of lust to relational concerns, from discouragement to religious dependence.

The fascinating gift this author wields is the ability to not only answer these questions, but to answer them with amazing grace that only finds its source in Christ.

When discussing the unlovable…

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2 thoughts on “What the Church Won’t Talk About

    1. Hey my friend, I’m so sorry to hear about that. I’m also sorry that the church hasn’t been great at being more open about this. I’ve counseled with rape survivors and it’s always a painful process; I believe our current enablement of rape-culture is horrifying because it’s so prevalent and so many of us are blind to it. I almost did include a section on sexual harassment in the book too, yet to be honest, I felt so inadequate to say anything worthy. I know my limitations. There will be a sequel, and I will try to include this topic. I’ll make sure to run it by others so that I’m not saying anything foolish. Thank you for bringing this up.


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