My Formula For Preaching.

My formula for preaching.
– We have a problem, you guys.
– I have this problem really, really bad.
– This part of Scripture talks about it.
– God is awesome and then plot-twist, Jesus.
– C.S. Lewis, something something C.S. Lewis.
– Last thing: A story with lots of hand motions.
– Oh wait, one more last thing. Story, more hand motions.
– Prayer, which recaps the whole sermon again.
– I go to the bathroom and try not to cry.
– Taco Bus.

— J.S.

7 thoughts on “My Formula For Preaching.

  1. LOL, the very best sermons are those that fall off the track, completely forget the script, and start winging it. I have gotten the best things out of those unscripted moments when people start speaking rather inelegantly from the heart.


    1. Same here. There’s a raw vulnerability to it. I totally believe in preparation and doing the hard work of digging into Scripture, yet there are those glorious moments when the Spirit does His thing that can’t be prepped for on paper.


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