Big Announcement Tomorrow.

JS Park cup cover

Hello wonderful friends!

Big announcement coming tomorrow.
It might or might not have to do with a book maybe.
— J.S.

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9 thoughts on “Big Announcement Tomorrow.

    1. Whoa awesome! And totally working on that right now.
      If you’re blessed by it, it would also be super helpful to write an Amazon review!
      Sorry for sounding so self-promotey, I have no idea how else to ask. 🙂


      1. As soon as I finish it I would be more then honored to write a review! God has used the way you share His words so many times in my life I can’t explain my appreciation! You are doing a good work. 👍 I pass on things you write to my friends and say, “This is from JS, the pastor blogger dude I love to read!” Lol


  1. Hi J.S.! I’m a friend of Francisco, and he has been bragging a lot about his meetup with you. It’s incredibly cool how we both look up to you (no matter how much you’d deny your role model tendencies), and then you decided to meet him in person. He says that he wants your book for free now. 😛


    1. Haha hey my friend! Thank you. And it’s true, I’m not all that impressive in real life. I’m short, slightly awkward, I got crooked teeth, and I laugh too loudly. I suppose my writing makes me sound a tiny bit more eloquent than I am in person. My blog is like one of those movie trailers that trick you into thinking the movie is really good. 🙂


      1. Oh yes, none of that passes into the blogosphere when you prepare them large bodies of text and sermons. I like to see how people like you that affect hundreds of lives, act humbly (and awkwardly) in person.


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