Foreword: A Better Place For You, by T.B. LaBerge

TB LaBerge prof

I’m thrilled to have T.B. LaBerge write my Foreword for my upcoming e-book, releasing next week (September 29th!).  He also reveals my first name.

Here it is.  Thank you, my amazing brother!


In the day and age of the internet, I find it interesting how many people have so many answers at their fingertips, but still, they are seeking a genuine response that has been lost in our era of “connectedness.” The gospel is still relevant in a time where the world seeks to extinguish its flame, and one of the carriers of this flame is my dear brother Joon.

The first time I ever encountered Joon, it was from a post he wrote about brothers in Christ encouraging each other. Little did I know how much of an encouragement he became to me. How he would reach out and offer to pray for me, how he would be humble and ask for prayer in return.

The heart of Christ is one that is inviting, and few are as inviting as J. He has a way of showing the love of God that blankets you; it covers you up and keeps you warm in a world that is so frigid. Joon does with his words what Christ did with His; he says “Come, there is a better place for you, a place where you are welcomed.” and that is a call that so many are starving to hear, longing to take part in.

What you are about to take part with in this book is a conversation that has been taken place since the beginning of the world, the conversation of humanity and its place with God. The story of Christ and His grand love for us, how it calls us to leave what we think is good for what Jesus knows is holy. Each question comes from a real person, with a real story, and Joon speaks from the heart of a real God who is telling a real story.

Grace, upon grace, upon grace, this is what we are to do, whether it is for ourselves or for our neighbor, we must be brave enough to share this great love, and that is what this book is drenched in. It is a reminder that God is still with us, that He has not forgotten our tears, and He will wipe them away someday.

I pray that each word speaks to you, I pray that your search may be one of many blessings, I pray that you are filled with a love the must be poured out. I pray that J.S. Park is continued to be used, because the vessel that says “Send me, Lord!” will be used and used and used again, until all the world has returned to its first Love. May you have a heart that is ignited by the gospel, may you come to an understanding of what it means to live like Christ.

I know Joon has spoken volumes into my life. I believe he will into yours as well.

May the glory of our Father be most evident with each word that is said, so that His kingdom may come, and the wounds of this earth be healed.

 – T.B. LaBerge

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