Gideon The Unworthy: God Has Given You Worth Apart From What You Think About You

Hello lovely wonderful friends!

This is the fifth part of a sermon series called “Snapshots: The Men & Women of the Bible.”  It explores how the people in the Bible were just as fallen as you and me, and how God worked through them.

This message is titled: Gideon The Unworthy: God Has Given You Worth Apart From What You Think About You.

It’s about finding the gifts and greatness in you by the grace of God, and liberating ourselves from all the discouragement we’ve ever faced.

Stream here or download here!

Some things I talk about are: Outlandish auction bids for celebrity-owned items including Justin Bieber’s hair, my brother the totally unsuspecting MMA jujitsu fighter, the anxious fear of small-town gossip when you try to step it up, tough advice for my future daughter, how the church ought to be like a bunch of cheerleaders, my first pre-marriage counseling, and the words that you’ve secretly wanted to hear your whole life.

Be blessed and love y’all!

— J


2 thoughts on “Gideon The Unworthy: God Has Given You Worth Apart From What You Think About You

  1. Your sermon was in some ways good, and in other was…troubling. And one of the last things you said (at the end of your sermon) was “God believes in you”…God believes in me? That’s not biblical. Job 15:15 says, “Behold, he putteth no trust in his saints; yea, the heavens are not clean in his sight.”

    Our preaching should stick to the Bible and not be the products of the flawed thinking of this age.



    1. Thank you for your criticism. Please allow me the grace to point out something simple.

      There are certain Christians that hear a phrase and immediately tag this as a “secular buzzword,” and a meter kicks in that says this is dangerous or a slippery slope or disturbing or dare I say heresy. Of course, certain phrases like “Follow your heart” and “Believe in yourself” or “You’re worth it” all have worldly overtones that are not necessarily biblical. Yet if you or I continually look for such phrases to tag them, we in turn run the opposite but equally dangerous error of legalistic gate-keeping. We would then allow 1% of someone’s words to obfuscate their heart’s truthful intent to let the Spirit move. We would then have discontent in nearly everything we hear, because we are each one broken individual speaking to another. As you said, we are all within the flawed thinking of this age. No exceptions.

      No, I do not agree with everything that John Piper or Timothy Keller or Francis Chan says in their sermons. We are never 100% okay with someone’s choice of words or phrasing. But most of the time, I understand where they’re coming from. I know they’re at least attempting to speak truth. Certainly false teachers abound, but that’s because they’re fundamentally starting at the wrong place.

      Saying “God believes in you” is shorthand for Jeremiah 1 and 31, Psalm 139, Philippians 1, and other places. It’s definitely not the best phrase I could’ve used, and perhaps I should be more cautious in using it. That being the case, I can only examine myself rather than defend myself too hard, and see if there’s a better way to speak of God’s love and power working through us. Thanks again.


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