Question: God’s View on Optimism Vs. Pessimism

 mi-mi-92 asked:

This may be a strange question-is it against God to be pessimistic? In light of the S.Korea ferry tragedy, I pray that more survivors are rescued. But deep down, I don’t believe much more made it (although I hope I’m wrong). I feel bad for thinking this and I feel like I’m disrespecting God. Thoughts?

Hey there my friend, first of all: thank you for caring about the South Korean ferry incident.  I know that’s been far removed now from our collective minds because it’s no longer in the news, but I do appreciate you acknowledging them.  I don’t mean to sound snobby there, but we’re just so quick to forget about tornadoes and tsunamis and Trayvon Martin and so we move on to the next trendy thing.

I believe the nuance of Christian faith does call us to realistically assess the brokenness of the world while at the same time knowing there is a better hope above our circumstances, a hope that we can experience in the middle of our tragedies between heaven and heartache.  I don’t think the Christian needs to pick one or the other — we reach for both.

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