Question: Answering Homosexuality

 open-minded-christian asked:

I just wanted to congratulate you on giving such a well thought out answer on homosexuality. You handled it much better than my own pastor did, and your response that you are ‘pro-people’, is something I can relate to almost too well. I can really see the heart of God in you in the way you love people.

Hey there, thank you my friend.  You’re referring to this post:

– Why I Don’t Give Straight Answers About Homosexuality (Because Everyone Starts Yelling)

May I add a few things very graciously? I would say first that your pastor is probably scrutinized within his own church for what he can say about marriage, so he has to talk a certain way to keep cool with his fellow leaders and to keep his job.  I know, it sucks.  But even in my previous sermon where I brought up homosexuality, I had to walk a very fine line so as not to alienate either side of the conversation — and honestly, I’m not sure if I did the best job at it.  I do this better in my writing, because I can actually sit on it for a while and pause between sentences.  It’s tough up there in the preacher’s hot seat when you have to not only watch what you say, but to remember all the angles and keep your thoughts as clear as possible.  It can sound rushed in a sermon or even in a face-to-face discussion where words must be said off the fly.  So I would maybe offer some grace to all our pastors about this, who are learning just like I am.

I do appreciate your response to this, as I’ve gotten all kinds of anger about “rationally justifying bigotry” among worse things, which only proves my point: that mostly no one is willing to have an open dialogue about it.

But I want to be careful not to be “congratulated” by anyone about the whole thing.  There is still so much work to be done.  The church has largely done a poor job of it.  And I’m just a nobody blogger in the middle of nowhere who tried my God-given best to offer a voice in a noisy world.  I’m still learning, still wanting to understand, still sticking up for gay rights regardless of my thoughts on marriage.  So I’m less concerned with looking articulate, and more concerned with building bridges to real marginalized people who have suffered prejudice and hatred, particularly from the mainstream church.  Hopefully we can find that balance between love without compromise, and we can engage graciously in every community like Jesus did.

Thanks again for your encouragement ..!

— J.S.


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