Your Will, God’s Will.

With the distractions of the world aside, I hear God in my prayers like a laser beam. Most people want to know the “will of God” or to hear the “voice of God,” but this is way more scary than you think. Imagine if God did speak: and we actually had to obey.

Finding God’s will is not some romantic picnic or celestial epiphany. It’s often just a silent whisper that cuts through all the lies we’ve been rehearsing, toward a kind of life that feels impossible but for the grace of God. It removes the constant gloss of our familiarity. It rips away our excuses. It will sting.

Every Christian throws around God’s Will so casually, like a trump card to assist our own agendas, but once you really get it: you cannot go back. You either really want to find Him, or you want to say you did. Find Him, and it will be more reckless than you could’ve dreamed. Find Him, and find your life.

— J